January 21st

Wednesday was a fun day.  After caring for the hoophouse and greenhouse, Tim and I made the trek to Rocky Mountain Elementary school in Longmont.  There, we were 

privileged to participate in a program that offers school kids a chance to 

sample fresh produce from a local farm and talk with the kids a bit about 

growing and eating the crop.  What a joy to watch those young faces light up 

when they tasted our carrots and to see their hands reach out as they clamored 

for more.  In this fast food nation, we want to take advantage of every 

opportunity to help kids understand that they can “eat their colors” 

deliciously.  We thank the Boulder County Farmers Market Association and the 

volunteers who support and run this program.  

     Meanwhile, “back on the farm”, today is harvest day.  Our market will be open this Saturday, the 20th of January, from 10 am until 2 pm.  This week’s 

offerings include abundant sweet and tender kale, mustard greens, some chard, 

spinach, BPF special blend, arugula, sweet red and green winter cabbages, Candy 

and red onions, parsnips, sweet carrots!, rutabagas, black and watermelon 

radishes, beets, leeks, turnips, gold potatoes from Strohauer’s, multiple 

varieties of our dried beans, an abundance of our roasted/frozen chilies and 

sweet peppers, popcorn and more.

     As we approach the end of January, with the days are getting longer and the angle of the sun higher, growth is accelerating in the hoophouse.  That 

is, when we’re not having Arctic blasts.  The greenhouse has young plants, some 

of which are ready to move into the hoophouse and I will be seeding quite a bit 

more next week.  Spring is on its way!!



December 21st



   As we rapidly approach the longest night and the blast of artic set to accompany it, I ponder the gift of warmth and light. On the summer solstice, the sun rises at 5:31 am, with the sky is flooded with light well before and the sun sets at 8:32 with light lingering in the western horizon until nearly 10 pm. That is 15 hours and one minute of the golden orb casting its warm, life-giving glow. In contrast, on the longest night, darkness descends at 4:38 pm and the sun only reluctantly peers over the horizon at 7:19 am to end the 14 hours and 41 minutes of cold and dark. That’s a lot of darkness – no wonder our eyes are drawn to the sparkle of Christmas lights and the glow of flames.  

   Our market will be open Saturday, the 23rd of December, from 10 am until 2 pm. The coffee pot will be on. We invite you to enjoy fresh lacinato and Russian kale (check out our new recipe for kale salad with hot bacon dressing - yum!), bok choy, spinach, arugula, BPF special blend for colorful and flavorful salads, zesty and nutritious mustard greens, mild heirloom Italian chard, parsnips, sugar and rainbow carrots, turnips, beets, celeriac, leeks, black and watermelon radishes, red, green and savoy cabbages, sunchokes, red and Candy onions, six varieties of dried beans, winter squash, gold potatoes, fresh eggs, grass-fed and finished beef, whole pastured chickens, our frozen flavorful tomatoes, roasted chilies and specialty sweet peppers, yummy popcorn and more.  

   At the end of the longest night will come a sunrise, commencing the ancient movement of the sun towards the longest day. It seems a fitting time then, to celebrate the coming of the Light into this world of darkness.  

Merry Christmas!



The 2017 Popcorn harvest is ready for your enjoyment.  YUMMY!

The 2017 Popcorn harvest is ready for your enjoyment.  YUMMY!

December 9th

Claudia writes


      The moon hangs high in the pale aqua sky even as the first pink blush appears across the fields, lighting upon the distant peaks.  For the moment, weary barren branches are silhouetted and still, in a brief respite from the whipping north wind.  The sun seems so reluctant to flood its warming rays in these days of December, creeping ever so slowly over the eastern horizon and racing towards its rest in the western sky.  At its zenith, we bask in the golden glow, grateful for warmth and light.

     The weather predictors promise a return from our trek into winter and our market will be open this Saturday, the 9th of December, from 10 am until 2 pm.  We will be offering our sweet frost-kissed greens, including Russian and lacinato kales, mustard greens, BPF special blend, arugula, Italian chard, spinach and bok choy along with our winter sugar and colored carrots, green, red and savoy cabbages; leeks, beets, celeriac, rutabagas, parsnips, black, watermelon and pink radishes, turnips, Candy, red and cippollini onions; colorful dried beans, popcorn and all of our frozen roasted chilies, tomatoes, green beans, okra and specialty peppers, popcorn, winter squash and various dried peppers that enhance flavor in a myriad of recipes.

     Having a holiday get together?  The roasted red Spanish Spice peppers can be pureed with a little olive oil and garlic and offered with a crusty bread.

  A cup of warming celeriac or squash soup or chili, a black bean dip or roasted red pepper hummus made with the roasted bullhorn peppers and cannellini beans and served with sugar carrots, and flavored popcorn are welcomed fare.  

     Our market is also filled with gift ideas.  Consider the lovely handmade goat’s milk soaps from Caramel Apple Farm.  Denise has put together some darling gift sets.  She also offers shaving soap for the men in your life.  The extra warm alpaca socks from Absoroka alpaca farm would be welcomed by anyone with chilly feet and their gorgeous alpaca yarns by any crafter. Who doesn’t delight in the organic fruit jam and fruit butter from Ela’s?  The adorable hand-crafted and fashioned dolls by Priscilla are a treasure, sure to delight!  A gardener’s heart will be delighted with the worm-composted alpaca poo, especially when their plants flourish.  Trish has hand-crafted darling Christmas ornaments that will be treasured for a lifetime, perfect for grand-kids!  Know anyone who needs some time at the farm, perhaps to pick flowers or berries and enjoy the antics of the chickens along with fresh organic produce?  We have gift certificates available.  A CSA membership provides ongoing access to our fresh food.

     The sun is up, time to race against its rapid arcing!






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   Even with the warmth and sun, we know that the calendar is flipping again by the proliferation of catalogs pouring into our mailboxes and the cyberdeals streaming into our in boxes. All are offering the best deals on the shiny and new, highest tech and most beautiful. As I gaze at the farm, newly bathed in the soft early morning light, I don’t see shiny and new and the high tech belies the eye. The rich soil has been here for countless generations and the ever-changing sky against the mountain backdrop existed so long before my time. I realize, though, that the high-tech lies in the incredible life of the soil and the life-force of seeds and of the birds, insects and other creatures that share this space. That is the high tech beyond my comprehension and more than enough for me.


   Our winter market will be open Saturday, the 2nd of December, from 10 am until 2 pm. The considerable effort to improve the soil in the hoophouse, combined with the prolonged warm temperatures, has resulted in an abundant harvest of fresh greens which include fresh spinach, arugula, heirloom Italian chard, Russian and lacinato kale, colorful and flavorful mustard greens, lovely bok choy, BPF special blend and crisp pink radishes. This week, we are presenting our winter sugar carrots, a new variety sure to become the carrots you’ll crave. Additionally, you will find plenty of our delicious colored carrots, parsnips, leeks, red, green and savoy cabbages, heirloom rutabagas (try our recipe for rutabagas with leeks and gold potatoes!), celeriac, heirloom black and watermelon radishes, heirloom turnips, winter squash, wide variety of our carefully hand-harvested and hand-cleaned dried beans, gold potatoes from Strohauer’s, our frozen tomatoes, green beans, okra and tomatillos along with a plentiful supply of our freshly roasted and frozen anaheim chilies ranging from extra- mild to hot, poblanos and our specialty roasted peppers. 


  Enjoy the wonderful, truly pastured fresh eggs from Sweet Pickle Farm, the popular pastured whole chicken from Doodley Rooster and the delicious grass-fed beef from Heartsong Farms. All are local farms offering you superb quality, totally chemical-free. The chickens are fed an amazing, locally produced, certified organic diet that is both corn and soy-free and high in omega-3s.


   Our Berry Patch popcorn is ready! This is our most abundant crop. We’ve invested in a pricey moisture monitor so that we can offer the best popping quality. Enjoy these tender, flavorful flakes! Because our popcorn is certified organic, this is GMO, RoundUp and chemical-free. We carefully hand shell and clean it, so you get the best.


   We invite you to share in this “high tech” food and taste the difference!











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