January 21st

Wednesday was a fun day.  After caring for the hoophouse and greenhouse, Tim and I made the trek to Rocky Mountain Elementary school in Longmont.  There, we were 

privileged to participate in a program that offers school kids a chance to 

sample fresh produce from a local farm and talk with the kids a bit about 

growing and eating the crop.  What a joy to watch those young faces light up 

when they tasted our carrots and to see their hands reach out as they clamored 

for more.  In this fast food nation, we want to take advantage of every 

opportunity to help kids understand that they can “eat their colors” 

deliciously.  We thank the Boulder County Farmers Market Association and the 

volunteers who support and run this program.  

     Meanwhile, “back on the farm”, today is harvest day.  Our market will be open this Saturday, the 20th of January, from 10 am until 2 pm.  This week’s 

offerings include abundant sweet and tender kale, mustard greens, some chard, 

spinach, BPF special blend, arugula, sweet red and green winter cabbages, Candy 

and red onions, parsnips, sweet carrots!, rutabagas, black and watermelon 

radishes, beets, leeks, turnips, gold potatoes from Strohauer’s, multiple 

varieties of our dried beans, an abundance of our roasted/frozen chilies and 

sweet peppers, popcorn and more.

     As we approach the end of January, with the days are getting longer and the angle of the sun higher, growth is accelerating in the hoophouse.  That 

is, when we’re not having Arctic blasts.  The greenhouse has young plants, some 

of which are ready to move into the hoophouse and I will be seeding quite a bit 

more next week.  Spring is on its way!!