Pick-Your-Own, Farm Market & CSA

Berry Patch Farms

Pick-Your-Own, Farm Market & CSA

Chuckwagon Fundraiser Dinner

Saturday, August 22, 2015 6-8:30 p.m

Berry Patch Farms

13785 Potomac, Brighton, Colorado
Tickets $30 a person
Ticket price includes Chuckwagon Dinner and Entertainment

A dinner out for you changes the life of a student in Zimbabwe. Proceeds provide educational scholarships to orphans and vulnerable children through Hope’s Promise orphan ministry (www.hopespromise.com). Come join us for this fun event and give a child hope!

Purchase tickets using credit card via PayPal. Ticket sales close on August 14th.

Weekly Update

July 24th, 2015


A month past the summer solstice, the evening light yet lingers. As the soft oranges and pink fades in the western sky and darkness creeps in from the east, the birds quiet and just an occasional soft call is heard. A gentle breeze wafts away the intense heat of the day. The chirping of crickets is soothing to the ear. What was accomplished during the day is checked off and tomorrows list created. Tomorrow will come soon enough. Time to rest.

At long last, we have those refreshing denizens of summer, cucumbers. Pick-your own pickling cucumbers are producing nicely and will be available Saturday morning. Because of our otherwise limited hours currently, reservations to pick them can be made by e-mailing us at bpf@qwestoffice.net. Only one row is producing currently but two more rows will be coming in in several weeks, so the season will be extended. Fresh dill is ready now also. Bear in mind that the crispest pickles come from cukes picked as early in the morning as possible and processed immediately.

The melon vines are beautiful now and the small melons are growing rapidly, giving the farmer tantalizing hope that they might be ready before December. The forty-something varieties of peppers are starting to set fruit and a few shishito are ready. The hoophouse green and purple beans are beautiful and tasty. (The purple are delicious raw and their gorgeous color very nutritious.) The field beans, including romano, yellow wax, purple and green are flowering now and setting nicely. Eggplants are displaying their gorgeous pink flowers and setting fruit as well. Kohlrabi is plentiful and tasty this year. It has a nice crisp, juicy texture and a lightly fruity, cabbag-y flavor. Try it simply sliced and raw, grate it for slaw or the best, sliced and tossed with olive oil, roasted and finished with a fine grating of Parmesan.

The red raspberries are setting blossoms for their mid to late August appearance. Farmer Tim is nearly finished planting a new field of strawberries that are already starting to blossom.

Heartsong Farms grass-fed beef awaits your grill. Ripe, sweet and chin-dripping peaches from Morton's organic orchard are here!

Our market hours continue on Saturdays from 9 am until 2 pm and Wednesday evenings from 3 to 6 pm. As more produce and berries ripen, our hours will expand.

Farm dinner! We will be hosting a farm dinner to benefit orphans in Zimbabwe on August 22nd. Experience an evening on the farm, a farm-fresh meal, all supporting children in desperate need. Details and reservations on our website at www.berrypatchfarms.com.



#2 FreeStone Peaches 10lbs@$10.00 (Orders will be accepted beginning August 1st. Prepayment neccessary.)