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February 28th, 2015


Interesting, this dead of winter in the early spring. This is the bone-chilling cold of December and January, not the typical spring storms of March and April. This morning, deep blue sky flirts with snow flurries. Occasionally the sun peeks out to give a moment of brilliance and warmth. Despite outdoor temperatures hovering near zero, the high tunnel temperatures are soaring, heated only by the radiant intensity of the sun through the clouds. No bees will be dancing around my hands today, but other signs of life are everywhere as the rich earth gives off its distinctive fragrance and the deep greens of growing plants soothe the winter-weary eyes. The greenhouse also has a bounty of tender plants soon to be ready for the rigors of the hoophouse. Yes, the sun is bringing life and its ever higher arching angle will bring us Spring at last!

Our Winter Market will be open today, Saturday February 28th, from 10 am until 2 pm. Despite the challenges, there will be spinach and I expect to be able to harvest some other greens as well. Micro-greens, fresh cremini mushrooms and a plethora of other winter staples will be available.

spinach in the hoophouse

Home-cooked meals from scratch take effort, not the least of which is clean-up. The very reason that I am such a fan of "one-pot" meals. My goals are flavor, balanced nutrition with complete protein and as many colors and flavors of vegetables as possible, and "low muss-low fuss". Check out our recipes - we are adding new ones frequently.

I was recently gifted an Oxo vegetable peeler (thank you to my sister!) and have discovered shaved butternut squash and parsnips. Both are great raw in salads or lightly cooked. Add them to arugula or with a wine-vinegar to counter their sweetness. They are wonderful with pasta!

This is a perfect time for the deep flavors of roasted veggies (and the added warmth from the oven!). Try roasting beets, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, potatoes, onions..even cabbage. Yum!

Spring will come when it will...but it will come. Meanwhile, enjoy the gift of this moisture and the stark beauty it brings. I will be reminding myself of that as I tromp through the snow!

Here's what's growing in our hoophouse

The sun is shining and the snow sparkles like diamonds. There is much to be thankful for. Enjoy!

CSA enrollment continues. CSA helps provide the farm with funds towards the rather significant up-front costs of farming during the leanest time of the year. The pay-off comes in the form of fruits and vegetables that are field fresh, ripe and delicious. Savor flavor and quality that you just can't get from a grocery store. Further information is available on our CSA page. E-mail us with any questions that you might have at berrypatchfarms@skybeam.com.

We appreciate and value your support as we strive to provide you with an alternative to conventional food systems. Recipes are shared to encourage you to explore new and delicious ways of putting more fruits and vegetables on to your plate.


Download the Agreement [PDF]

March is the last month to enroll in our CSA. Take advantage of what it offers to you and your family!

farm market shoppers