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Weekly Update

April 29, 2016


You can blame Farmer Tim for the weather this weekend. Strawberry plants arrived yesterday, ready to plant. Therefore, it has to snow and rain. It is one of the cardinal rules of farming. That being said, after this many years of farming, we know the strawberries will get planted and so will everything else. The timetable may not be what we had planned, but when does life look like our plans? We will once again be thankful for moisture and wait out the storm.

Despite this seeming set-back to spring, our market will be open Saturday, April 30th, from 10 am until 2 pm. We are again offering an abundance of greens, especially spinach but also plentiful kale, baby kale, kalini, chard, bok choy and beautiful mustard greens. Some scallions are also ready. Additionally, we are offering sweet cabbages, sun chokes, parsnips, frozen tomatoes, roasted peppers, dried beans, popcorn and plenty more. Fresh Sweet Pickle Farm eggs, delectable grass-fed beef from Heartsong Farm, goat’s milk laundry soap and more from Caramel Apple Farm, worm composted alpaca manure from MX Paca Pants (great stuff for gardens, containers and houseplants), gorgeous alpaca yarns and duck eggs from Absoroka are all wonderful local products we offer.

Brought to you from colorful Colorado – where spring is a toss up between winter and summer!


Lettuce growing in the hoop house
Covers coming off the greenhouse is a sure signal that Spring is just around the corner, right? Right?