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Weekly Update

November 20, 2015


As icy winds blast again, my heart is filled with gratitude. All is safely gathered in. When you live off of the land and are a few hailstones away, or an Arctic blast, or a flood, or a drought away from disaster, you are grateful when they don't happen and you gather in crops. But when they do happen and yet you gather in abundance, when you didn't expect any and there is plenty, your heart is especially filled with Thanksgiving.

The fields look barren now, browns replacing the vivid greens that once were. The hoop-house has once again become an oasis of warmth and life. With solar heat during the day and cold at night, flavors are enhanced. Kale, mild mustard greens, arugula, chard, bok choy - all take on a cold-induced sweetness. I have been harvesting these, along with mini romaine lettuces and more for our market.

The winter market will be open this Saturday, November 21st, from 10 am until 2 pm. In addition to the above, we will be offering our cold-sweetened broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage, our winter sugar and colored carrots, parsnips, rutabagas, leeks, celeriac, beets, Candy, red and cippollini onions, garlic, Yukon Gold and fingerling potatoes from Strohauer's, cannellini and red chili beans, a full line-up of sweet winter squash and heirloom pie pumpkins and more.

New this week are our dried tomatoes. Principe Borghese tomatoes are an heirloom variety originating in Italy, grown for drying. Fresh, their flavor is lackluster at best. But, carefully dried, their flavor and texture are magical! Perfect for snacking, they are wonderful with pastas and on sandwiches, adding a bright, sweet tomato flavor. They are superb crumbled on salads.

Our heirloom Winter Luxury pie pumpkins can be the fitting finale to your Thanksgiving feast. They are easy to roast and prepare and the little bit of extra effort will reward you with your best pumpkin pie ever! We have instructions and a delicious recipe in the market.

Also new this week, wonderful local and handmade goat's milk products from Denise at Caramel Apple Farm. Plus, the super-warm alpaca socks from Absoroka Alpaca Ranch are back in a nice selection of sizes and colors.

Wishing you hearts and homes filled with Thanksgiving!


Tim and Claudia let me stay at Berry Patch Farms