Pick-Your-Own, Farm Market & CSA

Weekly Update

May 20, 2016


May is a month of lushness. Growth is extravagant. Deep green grasses ripple and wave in the breezes. Flowering shrubs and trees are elegantly draped and the strawberry fields are white with blossoms. Hope is in the air as we labor in the fields, greenhouse and hoophouse. Farmer Tim is diligently planting more strawberries, plant by plant, row after row. The new roof is on the hoophouse and it is nearly ready to be home to early tomatoes. Seeds are exploding and growing exuberantly in the fields and greenhouse. The work is endless but hope calls for perseverance.

Our market will be open tomorrow from 10 am until 2 pm. Greens are plentiful this week, including spinach and salad mix. Some tomato plants are ready. They are in pots this year and gorgeous. More will be ready in 1-2 weeks when the weather is likely to be more settled and conducive.

Enjoy the lushness of May and the lusciousness of our greens!