Pick-Your-Own, Farm Market & CSA

Pick Your Own

Tues, Thurs, Sat 8am-1pm

August-September will be prime times for picking strawberries for your jams or for freezing.

  • Strawberries $5/lb Aug-Sep
  • Pie Cherries: $5.50/$6.50 we pick July 19th
  • Red Currants: $8.25/lb July 5th
  • Black Raspberries: $7.50/lb July 19th
  • Red Raspberries: $7./lb Aug-Sept
  • Gold Raspberries: $7.50/lb Sept
  • Gooseberries: July 19th
  • Plums: TBA
  • Flowers: NOW
  • Basil: NOW
  • Pickling Cucumbers: TBA

Chuck Wagon Dinner


We are finalizing our Chuck Wagon Dinner plans. Details coming soon!

chuck wagon dinner prep

Weekly Update

July 22nd, 2016


Thus far this summer has been as hot and dry on the farm as the winter was cold and wet. Anyone who has lived in a more humid climate like the Midwest has a deep appreciation for our drier air that releases the heat at night giving us refreshment. Our early mornings are cool and lovely making it much easier to work. Another benefit of our wide day to night temperature swings is the inducement of higher natural sugars in our fruits and vegetables. Yes, I am trying to be positive!

Our current market hours remain Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 8 am until 1 pm. For Saturday, July 23rd, we are offering pick your own black raspberries, gooseberries, flowers and basil. In our market, you will find that the summer veggies are becoming more prominent as we harvest seven varieties of zucchini and summer squash that are so great on the grill, six varieties of refreshing cucumbers, tender and delicious okra, eggplants, sweet green, purple, Romano and yellow beans and more. Our fresh Spanish Rojo garlic enhances the flavors of all. Tender rainbow chard and crisp summer lettuces make for easy summer sides. Purslane adds a bright lemony flavor to salads and high omega-3 fatty acids for your health. Garlic and shallot scapes are both delicious lightly brushed with olive oil and grilled. Early birds will discover that the hoop house tomatoes are ripening. There are some fun new varieties this year including a green striped, a sweet pink Japanese and a ribbed cross between two heirlooms. Production is expected to be much more abundant over the next few weeks. Heartsong Farms grass-fed and finished beef is perfect for summer grilling.

Also offered for Saturday are our pie cherries, pre-picked in pint containers and delectable sweet cherries from Ela’s.

Field tomatoes typically start to ripen about mid-August. We expect to offer canning boxes of both roma and beefsteak starting around the 1st of September. We expect to start offering our salsa bags about then as well. Salsa verde bags commence a bit earlier. Peppers will start making appearances in the next few weeks as the earlier varieties begin to mature. Our anaheim chilis for roasting are giving indications of an excellent crop this year. We have a full spectrum of offerings from extra mild to extra hot. Roasting is anticipated to begin the second or third week of August. This weather makes for a superior melon crop and they are looking on target to begin ripening about the 20th of August. Hopefully, this summer heat will produce some delicious benefits!

There is much to savor now and much more to come as we progress through the season.



After a year's abscence, due to weather, it is good to see them again. While not a plentiful as in past years, you will be able to pick some.

Blackberries at Berry Patch Farms