Pick-Your-Own, Farm Market & CSA
Country Days at Berry Patch Farms


This year we are presenting a more simplified, but authentic fall farm experience. It will as always, be family friendly and affordable. Below is the listing of dates, times & activities.

October 8th & 22nd: 10- 2 pm.

A lovely hayride, large straw maze, pinatas, Pumpkins & farm market filled with autumn offerings.
$4. adults/ children 2 & under free

October 15th: 10 – 2 pm

“Assaggi Di Zucca” (A Taste of Pumpkins)
Hayrides/straw maze/ pinatas/pumpkins/ Honey Bee display/Alpacas & goats Music: The Barn Cats (old fashion string band) Pumpkin Tasting: Taste creative culinary Masterpieces featuring local chefs.
$8. adults/children 2 & under free

Half Pint Club

9/29 for preschoolers only.
10 –11:30, no reservations necessary.

Pick Your Own

Due to weather conditions strawberry & raspberry picking will be only on Tuesdays & Saturdays, until further notice. And the picking will be minimal (one pint per person).

Tues, Thurs, Sat 8am-1pm

Due to the hot and dry summer, the picking of large quantities of berries will not be possible.

Current pick your own offerings include some pickles with more on the way, plenty of flowers and sunflowers, along with seven varieties of basil. Red raspberries are starting to bloom and set fruit but are not yet ready. Strawberries are biding their time, waiting out the heat to produce their fall crop. Black raspberry season is essentially over.

  • Strawberries $5/lb Aug-Sep
  • Pie Cherries: $5.50/$6.50 we pick July 19th
  • Red Currants: $8.25/lb July 5th
  • Black Raspberries: $7.50/lb - - -
  • Red Raspberries: $7/lb Aug-Sept
  • Gold Raspberries: $7.50/lb Sept
  • Gooseberries: July 19th
  • Plums: TBA
  • Flowers: $.60/stem NOW
  • Sunflowers: $1/each NOW
  • Basil: $12/lb. NOW
  • Pickling Cucumbers: NOW

Weekly Update

September 24th, 2016


There is much beauty in the harvest. Dried beans glint in the sun like jewels amidst the dried foliage as we thrash. Peppers pulled from their veil of leaves glow garnet and gold and green. Winter squashes in their parade of forms lay scattered in the fields, ready to be gathered in. The seeds of colored broom corn wave like flags against the deep blue Colorado sky. The deep red-purple of freshly washed beets is luminous against their yellow-green leaves. The fragrances, too, are enticing. The rich earthy smell of onions, freshly pulled and the pungent scent of just cut cilantro, the tantalizing waft from basils and tomatoes, the sweet perfume of melons enrich the experience. Our hands know the waxy, smooth fullness of a mature pepper and the subtle give of ripeness in a tomato, the heft of a sweet winter squash. Our taste buds are well-versed in all the delicious assortment of our fields. Beauty in what we see, smell, touch and taste!

Although our hours will be changing in October, for the remainder of September we are open from 8 am until 1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8 am until 2 pm on Saturdays.

Pick your own offerings include limited strawberries and raspberries this Saturday but there is a lot of fruit setting on for better picking in the coming days if the weather holds, and flowers as a for a feast for your eyes and basils to delight your palate.

In our market you will find a glorious co-mingling of the seasons. Multi-hued peppers are in their glory days, as are roasted chilis. We offer our extra mild through extra hot anaheims, poblanos and will also be roasting Sweet Italian and Red Bullhorn on Saturday. Now is the best selection of sweet peppers. We expect to be roasting chilis another few weeks. Sugary melons share the spotlight with Berry Patch Honeycrisp apples and Ela’s Gala, Golden Supreme and their buttery sweet pears. Our green beans have responded to this late season warmth by producing loads of delicious beans. Take advantage of our bulk pricing and pop these in your freezer for winter – you won’t regret having them! The first of the winter squash – acorn, sugar dumpling, orange kabocha and delicata are in. Kale, chard, cabbage, beets, scallions, lettuce, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, Candy onions and more fill our market. Freshly cut basils, heirloom Italian parsley, thyme, cilantro and rosemary fill our herb table.

Information about October activities on the farm can be found on our web page at www.berrypatchfarms.com. This year, in keeping with our emphasis on good food, on October 15th, we are hosting an event that will include sampling both savory and sweet foods made from pumpkin created by local chefs.

We invite you to come enjoy the early fall beauty of the farm! Soak in the sunshine, revel in the colors, relax in the rocking chairs and whiff the enticing aroma of roasting peppers. Ah, harvest season!