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Weekly Update

May 22nd, 2015

What a beautiful day! Thick gray clouds soften the light. The gentlest rain caresses and softens the earth. Silver beads of moisture glisten on the grass. Fresh cool air fills the nostrils with earthy smells. Yes, another rainy day. But my memory flashes me back two and three years ago to hot, sunny days and cloudless skies; the parched and scorched ground of drought. While the timing is certainly inconvenient, this rainy time is replenishing and cleansing and balancing. Yes, like every farmer and gardener, we are experiencing downsides to this much moisture at once, but upsides as well. Look for the beauty. Besides, the ducks are happy.

Little mysteries keep life interesting. While transplanting in the greenhouse, we discovered a tiny seedling in our soil mix. Anything that can sprout and grow in the damp, cold dark deserves a chance, so we planted it in a little pot. At first, it seemed the little bit of sunlight seemed too much for it to bear, but lo and behold, it is making tiny new leaves. Does it need sun or shade, cold or heat, damp or dry? We will try to give it the average and see what it turns out to be.

Our farm market will be open tomorrow, Saturday, May 23, from 10 am until 1 pm. We will be offering the most gorgeous and tender kale from the field, chard, broccoli raab, fresh cremini mushrooms, the most tender baby chard - perfect for salads with its mild flavor and a smattering of other greens. We are still well-supplied with frozen roasted chilis and sweet red bullhorn peppers. Both work well in brunch menus or for suppers on cool spring evenings. We expect to be well-supplied with fresh eggs and have a nice selection of Heartsong Farms superb grass-fed meat for grilling.

Plants are available: we have a nice selection of tomato plants ready along with heirloom Italian parsley. A variety of eggplants and pepper plants will be available soon, along with beefsteak and Roma tomatoes and some basil. Of course, our plants are raised organically. I use a compost-based soil mix and a tray system that produces a superbly healthy and vigorous root structure. These plants are poised to take off and produce! Tomatoes will need protection at night until the night temperatures are in the 50's.

Hopefully, you will be able to experience beauty this Memorial Day weekend. Experiencing and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us is one way to honor those who gave up their opportunity so that we might.


Rainbow over Berry Patch Farms