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Weekly Update

August 28, 2015


Late August and the eating is easy with the fullness of the season's bounty increasing daily. The challenges of the season have deepened and sweetened the flavors of the fruits of our labors. Blazing hot days and cool nights stress the plants, resulting in high sugar levels that contribute to luscious. Melons, ripe tomatoes, beans and greens, beets and crisp cucumbers, zucchini, tender eggplant, peppers, herbs...all are imbued with a special sweetness this year.

The yellow watermelons are ripe and ready, as are the delicious reds. They are chin dripping! Don't miss the special Israeli Perfume and Ananas melons on now. The rich flavored and sweet muskmelons are also on as well. Melon season is a special time!

Roma tomatoes are starting to be more prolific and we will be making canning boxes available, a few now and more in September. Beefsteaks for canning will be starting some time soon, probably next week. Our roasted tomato sauce bags are available now. The flavor will amaze you. Salsa bags will likely start next week, salsa verde bags are ready.

Peppers are ripening, albeit late. The jalapenos make fabulous "poppers" and serranos lend their touch to salsa and pico de gallo. Lilac bells are in. Try them fresh in salads. They are gorgeous and the purple phyto-nutrient that is so good for your health is a special bonus. They are beautiful and delicious in a tomato and cucumber salad. Add some of our orange and red salad tomatoes for a pop of color and special flavor.

This is the time for gazpacho and ratatouille, grilling and salsa. Heartsong Farms' grass-fed beef will put a smile on your plate.

Raspberries are blushing pink now, at last. We expect to offer some picking next week, with more prolific picking throughout September. Our passion is for quality fruit, so we encourage you to pick only fruit that is fully ripe. A fully ripe raspberry will make your tongue sing! Please help your children learn that a ripe raspberry will slide into your hand - no tugging required.

Alas, the cumulative effects of weather over the last year have taken a toll on our strawberries. We don't expect enough fruit this year to offer much picking. We are working diligently to revamp our strawberry fields. We miss them too.

Pickling cucumbers remain of high quality and the flowers are abundant. There is much to enjoy this time of the year and we are grateful to share it with you! I'm off to harvest!


Raspberries are almost ready for picking!