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Weekly Update

April 18rd, 2015


I awakened this morning to the cheerful greeting of a robin's rain song. The smell of moist earth mingled with the perfume of lilac and plum greeted me as I headed to the greenhouse. Suzy and Sammy the ducks splashed giddily from puddle to puddle. The mountains were obscured by thick gray clouds, the air damp and chilly. Some snow still lingered on the grass. This is a farmer's answer to prayer! We completed our initial vegetable seeding and transplanting just before the storm blew in. The soil was powder dry. This beautiful soft moisture will bring more than May flowers!

Meanwhile, the hoop house is a veritable "Isle of Green". While it is tempting today to curl up in front of the pellet stove with a cup of tea, I will instead be picking a treasure trove of tender spinach, chard, kale, baby kale and our special Berry Patch salad blend among other delectables like fresh mint. Production continues to increase and should be plentiful for our market tomorrow, Saturday April 18th, from 10 am until 1 pm.

Here's what's growing in our hoophouse

Dinner last night was colorful, savory, warming and filling and came together so quickly. I paired chicken stock with garlic. turmeric, oregano and thyme with our frozen tomatoes, quinoa. frozen organic corn, our roasted bullhorn peppers, organic wholewheat pasta, our wild garden kale and a Parmesan rind. Cannellini would have been good with it as well. Left-overs will be warmly welcomed for lunch today! These spring greens make wonderful and simple meals - everything from salads to frittatas, soups and pizzas to salads and pastas.

We expect a plentiful egg supply for tomorrow. I will also have some beautiful kale plants for sale. This variety excels in taste in the summer heat. It should continue to produce will into early winter. It can happily occupy your garden space now as it loves this weather.

Parking for tomorrow will be best on the north side of the barn. It will be dry, warm and cozy in the market! I'm off to pick! Enjoy!

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